4 Renovation Clean-up Tips

4 Renovation Clean-up Tips

Every year, thousands of Brisbane homeowners undertake the major project of a home renovation. Whilst a home renovation leaves you with a new looking home, it also leaves you with a lot of waste materials. These materials somehow need to be cleaned-up and taken away before the true beauty of your renovation can be revealed.

If you’re undergoing a home renovation, then you cannot escape the clean-up that is ahead of you. So, how do you approach a renovation clean-up so as to make it easy and hassle free? Today, I’ll throw some light on this topic.

Continue reading as I list 4 effective renovation clean-up tips. By following these tips, you’ll clean up your home in no time at all. And to thank me, simply choose to hire your skip bins from 4 Waste.

1. Hire a skip bin

Before you lift a finger, the first step of any renovation clean-up should be to hire a skip bin to dispose your building materials, debris and excess waste. Skip bins are the simplest way to dispose renovation waste – simple hire a skip, load it with your waste and professional rubbish removers will dispose it for you.

To hire a skip bin, look no further than us at 4 Waste Walk-In Skip Bins. We offer affordable skip bins on hire all across Brisbane. Do note however, you cannot place anything and everything into our skip bins. We accept household waste and general waste in our junk skip bins. However, we do not accept heavy waste materials such as bricks, tiles, timber, concrete and soil in our junk skip bins. If you have such heavy waste to get rid of, you’ll need to look for some alternative means of disposal.

2. Clear out the area

This may seem like a no-brainer, but this is the first step that actual clean-up process. With your skip bin now having been delivered to your site, you are ready to begin the clean-up.

Gather all waste materials from your renovation site and pile them into your skip bin. You can continually fill the skip whilst in the final stages of your renovation as you will have the skip for a 7 day hire.

I recommend hiring a skip at your earliest convenience. If you don’t clear out the area before cleaning commences, your clean-up process will take much longer. You’ll need to keep shifting things around for every little clean-up task. Also, if you have debris and waste lying around, you may even injure yourself.

2. Clean your walls and ceilings

Once you’ve cleared out your renovation site and have placed all unwanted materials into the skip bin, the next step is to start cleaning the walls and ceilings. Walls and ceilings will have accumulated a lot of dust during the renovation and will need to be cleaned thoroughly.

You can simply use a damp cloth to wipe down your walls, ceilings and fixtures. For hard to reach areas, tie a cloth around a broom handle.

3. Sweep, vacuum and repeat

Once you’re done cleaning your walls, ceilings and fixtures, move on to your floors. Your floors will have collected a lot of dirt, dust and debris. Start by sweeping your floors and then use a vacuum cleaner to clean things thoroughly.

I’ll advise you to sweep and vacuum your floors at least twice. You’ll be surprised at just how much dust and dirt you’ll gather on your second round.


Cleaning up after a renovation can be a tiresome process. However, you can make things simpler by following some expert tips. First, start by hiring a skip bin and clearing out your waste materials. Next, clean your walls and ceilings with a damp cloth. After this, sweep and vacuum your floors thoroughly.

To hire affordable skip bins in Brisbane, look nowhere else but 4 Waste Walk-In Skip Bins.

Get in touch with us to book a skip bin or book a skip online today!

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