Walk-In Skip Bins in Brisbane

4 Waste Walk-In Skip Bins are perfect for disposing of various types of rubbish and waste materials. We accept both green waste and general waste removal from your premises.

We deliver our Walk-In Skip Bins across Brisbane’s southern suburbs, including Redlands/Bayside, and Logan. Simply give us a call or hire a Walk-In Bin online to have it delivered to your desired location. Whether you need to clean out your building site, home or commercial premises, our Walk-In Skip Bins will help you get rid of your green waste and junk, efficiently and effectively.

Before hiring a skip, you first need to determine what type of waste you will dispose of; junk waste or 100% green waste. Identification of waste types is fairly simple, but here is a general classification of waste types to help you determine what can and what can’t be put in our skip bins.

Upon hiring a Walk-In Skip Bin, it will be delivered to your desired location for your 7-day hire, ridding you of your excess garden waste quickly and easily!

We offer two types of Walk-In Skip Bins for hire. These include:

Our Walk-In Junk Skip Bins are suitable for disposing of general waste materials. This includes all types of waste, including general and mixed waste, such as household waste, electronic waste (computers, TVs, DVD players, VCRs, etc), home appliances (fridges, dryers, ovens, washing machines, sinks, etc), furniture (bed heads, doors, wardrobes, carpets, cupboards, etc) and other types of commercial waste. You can also use our Walk-In Junk Skip Bins to dispose of a mixture of general waste and green waste.

While we accept many different types of rubbish in our Walk-In Junk Skip Bins, certain items are not permitted, including heavier waste materials such as concrete, soil, timber, tiles, bricks and junk mail (100%).

Our Walk-In Garden Skip Bins are strictly for disposing of 100% green waste. These walk-in skip bins are suitable for all types of organic garden waste products which are recyclable, such as leaves and branches of trees, grass clippings and other types of green waste. Our garden skip bins make green waste removal easy.

Walk-In Garden Skip Bins do not accept any other type of junk or rubbish. You can hire a Walk-In Garden Skip Bins only if you are removing 100% green waste.