Skip Bin Sizes & Prices

Skip bins offer the ultimate solution for garden clean ups and rubbish removal. Ideal for removing large quantities of rubbish from construction sites, homes and commercial locations, they make light work of heavy jobs. Skip bins offer a hassle-free solution to rubbish removal – simply fill your skip and leave the rest to the professionals.

4 Waste Walk-In Skip Bin Sizes

4 Waste Walk-In Skip Bins feature varying fill levels, ranging from 2m³ to 12m³. Our 2m³- 6m³ skips are all of the same size – 3m length x 1.8m width x 1.2m height, with a total capacity of 6 cubic meters, while the 2m³- 8m³ skip bins are 3.2m length x 1.8m width x 1.9m height, with a total capacity of 8 cubic meters. What is unique about our service is that you only need to pay for the amount of waste that you fill into the skip. If your waste fills only to the 3m³ mark; you simply pay for a 3m³ skip hire.

Our unique ‘walk-in’ skip bins can be used to dispose of green waste, junk waste or both.

4 Waste Walk-In Skip Bin Prices

While other Skip Bin Hire companies in Brisbane offer skip bins of multiple sizes, which can lead to hiring a skip which isn’t quite big enough, we make use of only two standard skip bin size that features multiple fill levels. You need not be worried about overestimating or underestimating your rubbish amounts. Simply hire a skip bin, fill it and pay only for the amount of rubbish you dispose of.

Our skip bin hire prices are as follows (GST Included) –  Prices are based on a 5-day hire period. Customers will be charged $20 per additional day if a longer hire is required.

Skip SizeMax. Weight Dimensions (l)x(w)x(h)Equivalent to:Price (5-Day Hire)
2m3 Skip Bin300KG3m × 1.8m × 1.2m2 trailers or 8 wheelie bins$199.00Enquire
3m3 Skip Bin450KG3m × 1.8m × 1.2m3 trailers or 12 wheelie bins$250.00Enquire
4m3 Skip Bin600KG3m × 1.8m × 1.2m4 trailers or 16 wheelie bins$299.00Enquire
5m3 Skip Bin750KG3m × 1.8m × 1.2m5 trailers or 20 wheelie bins$350.00Enquire
6m3 Skip Bin900KG3m × 1.8m × 1.2m6 trailers or 24 wheelie bins$399.00Enquire
7m3 Skip Bin1000KG3.2m × 1.8m × 1.9m7 trailers or 28 wheelie bins$450.00Enquire
8m3 Skip Bin1050KG3.2m × 1.8m × 1.9m8 trailers or 32 wheelie bins$550.00Enquire
9m3 Skip Bin1100KG9 trailers or 36 wheelie bins$599.00Enquire
10m3 Skip Bin1150KG10 trailers or 40 wheelie bins$699.00Enquire
11m3 Skip Bin1200KG11 trailers or 44 wheelie bins$750.00Enquire
12m3 Skip Bin1250KG12 trailers or 48 wheelie bins$799.00Enquire