Autumn: The best time for a Garden Clean-up!

Autumn: The best time for a Garden Clean-up!

Being autumn, many gardeners are gearing up for a big garden clean-up. While spring may be the season for a “spring clean”, when it comes to a garden clean-up, autumn is definitely the month to do so. And many expert gardeners and landscaping specialists will agree.

Why so, you ask? It’s because if you clean-up your garden ahead of winter, you’ll have less to deal with come spring. You’ll give your plants a better chance of growing when spring arrives. Moreover, throughout summer, your garden has probably overgrown. Now’s your best chance to give your unsightly garden a makeover.

Continue reading this post as I list some handy tips on how to clean up your garden this autumn. These tips come from expert gardeners, so you’ll do yourself a big favour by following them. And, you can thank me by hiring one of our green waste bins in Brisbane to dispose your garden waste.

1. Remove late blight

If you planted potatoes or tomatoes last season, then chances are that they would have developed late blight or other fungi by autumn. Late blight is nothing but a destructive fungus which rots a potato and tomato plants. If you let late blight linger, they will reproduce and damage your next batch of crops.

To get rid of late blight, remove all plant parts including undug potatoes, tomato pieces and any leafy material. You can either choose to compost the debris or dispose them using green waste bins in Brisbane. However, I’ll advise you to go with the latter, unless you’ve handled composting before.

2. Pull out weeds

Over summer, weeds will inevitably have made their way into your garden. If you don’t get rid of them now, they will flower and spread seeds all over your garden in winter. And you really don’t want to deal with a fresh batch of weeds next spring.

This is your last chance to weed your garden. Grab your mulchers and chop all your weed away. To dispose of your weeds, you can make use of green waste bins in Brisbane.

3. Prune away

Like I mentioned earlier, your trees and plants will probably have overgrown during summer. Grab your pruning shears and prune branches, peonies, roses and other overgrown plants. Pruning during autumn will make your plants blossom once spring comes.

As you prune away, you’ll gather a lot of foliage and debris. Don’t leave these lying around. You can easily dispose them with the help of green waste bins in Brisbane.

4. Remember to hire a garden skip before you start pruning

Call 4 Waste, the leading a skip hire company in Brisbane

Finally, the most important garden clean-up tip is to hire a garden skip before you start your pruning. With the help of a garden skip bin, you can easily get rid of your pruned foliage, weeds and late blight as you go.

To hire green waste bins in Brisbane, look no further than 4 Waste Walk-In Skip Bins. Simply order a skip from us and it will be delivered to you on the date you request. Once your skip arrives, you can fill it up with your garden waste and our rubbish removal experts will dispose it for you.

Do note that we accept only 100% recyclable garden waste in our garden skip bins. Do not place any other waste into our skips. If you do so, such waste will simply be left behind and your clean-up will not be complete.


Autumn is the best time to clean up your garden as it gives your plants a better chance of growing come spring. To clean-up your garden this autumn, remove late blight, pull out dead weeds and prune your overgrown plants and trees. And, to dispose your garden waste, you can simply hire a garden skip bin.

For affordable green waste bins in Brisbane, look nowhere else but 4 Waste Walk-In Skip Bins. We offer green waste bins for as low as $140 on a 7-day hire.

Get in touch with us to hire a green waste skip, or book a garden skip online today!

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