What Can You Put in a Green Bin?

What Can You Put in a Green Bin?

At 4 Waste Walk-In Skip Bins, we strive to be environmentally-friendly in all aspects of our business. Whether you’re getting rid of household junk, renovation materials, or otherwise, we carefully sort through the rubbish we collect to ensure as little as possible ends up in landfill. We also apply the same level of care towards green waste. So much so, we have a purpose green skip bin for green waste.

Our green bins make it incredibly easy for Brisbane residents to be more environmentally conscious. They provide an easy to use solution that will ultimately reduce their carbon footprint. They also make it very easy for us rubbish collectors, to ensure garden waste is processed correctly.

We can’t encourage our customers enough to avail our green bins. However, the environmental benefits of green bins are only valid when the right waste is placed in them. One wrong item will contaminate the entire load and could be the difference between reducing landfill or contributing to it. This leads me to the most asked question about green bins; what can you put in a green bin?

We are asked daily as to what can and cannot be placed in a green bin. Moreover, it’s also one of the most asked questions related to green waste on Google. Thus, today we answer this question.

Things you CAN put in a green bin

As mentioned, it is vital that only permitted materials are placed in a green bin. Permitted materials are anything which is organic and can break down. Organic materials include the likes of garden and grass clippings, palm fronds, tree branches, logs, leaves, and weeds.

It’s also important to see if organic food scraps such as fruit and vegetables are permitted or prohibited. This will vary from provider to provider. For example, here at 4 Waste Walk-In Skip Bins, we accept fruit and vegetable scraps in our green bins. However, the council does not accept fruit and vegetable scraps in their green bin collection service.

Things you CANNOT put in a green bin

The list of things you cannot put in a green bin far outweighs what can. Simply put, anything that isn’t listed in the list above is prohibited. This includes the likes of building timber, paper, cardboard, rocks, pebbles, and stones. Other prohibited items include household rubbish, glass, asbestos, carpet, tires, rubber, concrete etc.

It’s also important to note; a pile of 90% organic, permitted material, which may have 10% of rocks or concrete amongst it, is prohibited. Contamination such as this is what causes an entire load to end up in landfill.


Green bins are one of the best tools to reduce your carbon footprint. By reducing the amount of green waste that ends up in our landfills, we are reducing greenhouse gas emissions and turning green waste into reusable materials. This, of course, can only happen if the right waste is placed in green bins.

If you’re wondering what can be placed in green bins, including our garden skip bins, it’s 100% green waste. By this, I mean leaves, clippings, logs, branches, organic food scraps (this may vary between providers), and any other organic material.

If you’re wondering what cannot be placed in green bins, including our garden skip bins, its anything that isn’t organic. So, plastics, glass, paper, etc. Important to note, rocks, stones, pebbles and the likes of are not organic waste and are, therefore, not permitted in green bins.

Now that you have a handle on what can and cannot be placed in a green bin, you’re all set to place an order. To do this, simply call our office on 07 3343 3030 or click here to make an online booking.

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