8 Facts About Rubbish Removal That Will Blow Your Mind – Part II

8 Facts About Rubbish Removal That Will Blow Your Mind – Part II

In continuation of my previous article, here are some more alarming facts about rubbish removal in Brisbane.

5. Characteristics of waste dumpers in Brisbane

According to the EHP report, Brisbane residents living in housing commission units are more likely to dump kerbside waste illegally as compared to people who owned a house or lived on rent. 57% of housing commission residents consider it okay to dump kerbside waste, as compared to 27% of homeowners and 49% of renters. While 73% of homeowners and 39% of renters say it is unacceptable to dump kerbside waste illegally, only 29% of housing commission residents consider kerbside waste dumping to be unacceptable.

6. Why do people dump?

In my previous article, I mentioned that most people dump kerbside waste out of laziness, to cut on costs and because of the lack of alternative options. However, one very big reason behind dumping kerbside waste is that people consider it to be effective. After leaving waste on the kerbside, people say that items are quickly collected. Even if items are not collected, the BCC will clear out waste from the kerbside. Kerbside dumping is very convenient, and it is one the main reason why it has become a common practice with many Brisbane residents.

7. Disposal mechanisms

Brisbane residents make use of different disposal mechanisms. While most people consider charity to be the best mechanism for disposal, selling old household goods or taking junk to a rubbish tip or recycling facility are other disposal mechanisms that people make use.

As an alternative to these disposal mechanisms, smart homeowners and business owners in Brisbane hire skip bins for junk removal. Skip bins, such as those we offer at 4 Waste Walk-In Skip Bins can be used to remove large amounts of junk in one go. While a significant percentage of people don’t make use of skip bins for rubbish removal, they are growing in popularity.

8. Rubbish removal costs and fines

Most people who engage in illegal dumping of waste do not have an accurate idea of how much rubbish removal costs. While the average cost of driving a queen-sized mattress to a rubbish tip costs only $10.70, the average guess people made was $20.70. However, the report also mentions that once people find out that rubbish removal costs are low, they don’t engage in improper disposal of kerbside waste.

People are also not aware that there are certain fines associated with illegal dumping of kerbside waste. Here, in Brisbane, there is an $1800 fine if people are caught dumping waste on the kerbside illegally. Because many people don’t see an alternative option, they take the risk of this fine anyway.


Most waste dumpers in Brisbane who engage in illegal dumping of kerbside waste belong to housing commission units rather than homeowners or renters. The biggest reason behind dumping waste on the kerbside is because it is effective and easy – waste is either collected by people who need it, or it is cleared out by the council’s kerbside cleaning service. Brisbane residents make use of several disposal mechanisms including charity, selling old goods, driving old goods to a tip or recycling centre or hiring skip bins for rubbish removal. People who engage in illegal dumping of kerbside waste are usually not aware of how cheap it is to remove waste properly. While some people are aware that there are fines associated with illegal dumping of waste, they take the risk because they don’t know of alternative options.

Now that you know how alarming the state of rubbish removal is, make sure never to dump waste illegally. Always hire the services of expert rubbish removers in Brisbane such as 4 Waste Walk-In Skip Bins to ensure that your rubbish is treated properly.

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