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For Serious Rubbish Clearance, Hire a Junk Skip Bin

For Serious Rubbish Clearance, Hire a Junk Skip Bin

For Serious Rubbish Clearance, Hire a Junk Skip Bin

Are you stuck with the predicament of having a tone of rubbish to get rid of and no way to get rid of it? This is a problem that everyone faces, and more often then you may think. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand to wave to wish it gone. But you do have options at hand.

First, of course, is the weekly curbside rubbish collection. However, if you have a serious rubbish clearance on your hands, then this won’t help. Your next option would be to wait around for the free roadside pickup that the council does one a year. However, this could be a long wait… and your suburb isn’t guaranteed to get it every year.

So what real options do you have for serious rubbish clearance? A junk skip bin – such as those we have for hire at 4 Waste Walk-In Skip Bins.

There are many reasons to call for serious rubbish clearance, today I’ll look at some of the most common. If you’re facing any of these problems, then hiring a junk skip bin is your best option to clear your rubbish and be free of it for good!

Garage cleanout

If your garage is anything like my neighbours, then it alone is enough to bring on a serious rubbish clearance. Old tools, bikes, furniture and household items usually get sent to the garage for retirement and remain there taking up space for years. When you get around to cleaning it out, you’ve accumulated so much junk that there is no other way to be clear of it than to hire a junk skip bin.

Garden clean-up

If you’ve neglected your garden all summer and spring, then by now, in winter, chances are it’s looking pretty unkempt and overgrown. Where do you even start? Unfortunately, you have to start somewhere as an overgrown garden can attract a lot of pests and cause damage to fences and the property. With a junk skip bin, you can mix household junk with your garden waste and kill two birds with one stone!

Moving house

If you’re moving house, then you won’t want to pay to have your junk transported to your new home to take up space there also. We service many customers in need of serious rubbish clearance due to this reason. Old furniture, matrices, broken appliances and excess kitchenware are just some of the most common items a junk skip bin can relieve you of.

Mini Renovation

Undergoing a renovation of any size causes a lot of rubbish – out with the old and in with the new. Whether it’s a bedroom or bathroom, you’ll go to end up with a good amount of rubbish clearance needed.

House declutter

We all have that spare bedroom that ends up more like a dumping ground for all our wanted crap, right? If this is the case with your home, then you need a junk skip bin for your rubbish clearance.

Replacing old appliances/furniture

One of the hardest things to get rid of is old appliances and furniture. It’s why we, unfortunately, see so much of this illegally dumped on our roadsides. This is not the answer. A junk skip bin is.


In some cases, the weekly curbside rubbish collection just won’t cut the mustard. If you have some serious rubbish clearance on your hands, then you need to bring in the big guns – junk skip bins. Whether you’ve cleared our your garage or backyard, your renovating or moving house, replacing old furniture and/or appliances or just in desperate need for a good home de-clutter, a hiring one of 4 Waste’s walk-in junk skip bins if the ultimate solution for serious rubbish clearance.

If you’d like to hire one of our walk-in junk skip bins to clear you of your serious rubbish problem, then get in touch with our team or click here to order your skip online. From just $275.00 for a 7-day hire, our skip bins offer fantastic value for money.



*Please Note: Prices mentioned in this article may not be accurite at the time of publishing or viewing and will not be honoured. For current pricing, always refer to the prices quoted when ordering.


Green Waste Rules: No logs, stumps, palm Logs, whole trees, mulched trees, golden cane trunks, soil, or turf. Branches must be under 13cm in diameter. All green waste must stay under the top rail of the Skip Bin, with nothing poking up.

General Waste Rules: No rocks, bricks, tiles, concrete, pavers, hard wood, paint, chemicals, tyres, carpet,mattress, soil, dirt, sand or hard fill. All general waste must stay under the top rail of the skip bin, with nothing poking up.