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The most common junk removal mistakes

The most common junk removal mistakes

The most common junk removal mistakes

While the junk removal process may seem easy and straight forward, as an expert in this field you would be surprised to see how many mistakes I see people make day in, day out.

With Australian households contributing around 7 million tonnes of waste every year, it is now more important than ever to take the time lean how to avoid making common mistakes. Doing so will not only to reduce the amount of waste we produce, but to also ensure it doesn’t all end up as landfill.

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As the owner of a Brisbane junk removal company, I feel it is my duty to educate Brisbane residents how to dispose of junk correctly. I figure the best place to start by sharing the junk removal mistakes that I see Brisbane residents make ever day.

1. Burning rubbish

Burning rubbish is by far the most common junk removal mistake that people in Brisbane make. I’m simply appalled when I see people burning rubbish. This causes a lot of air pollution and can also cause health problems such as heart diseases and pulmonary diseases.

If you’ve been burning your junk, then this is the first mistake you need to avoid. To dispose of unwanted junk properly, contact a Brisbane junk removal company. At 4 Waste Walk-In Skip Bins, we can deliver special junk skip bins direct to your location so all you have to do is walk you junk in the skip and we will take care of the rest.

2. Illegal dumping of waste

Another common mistake that people make is that they try to dispose of all their junk themselves. While this in itself is not a problem, junk must always be disposed properly. The right to do so is to take all your unwanted junk to your nearest tip, where the waste is legally accepted.

Unfortunately, too many people fail to do so and prefer to dump their junk illegally. If you’re caught illegally dumping junk, you can face hefty fines. These include spot fines of up to $5,000 and clean-up costs or prosecution with a 7-year term in jail or $5 million in penalty. A costly mistake such as this you will want to avoid.

Illegally dumping junk just isn’t worth it. For as little as $140, a Brisbane junk removal company can deliver a junk skip bin and dispose of your waste legally.

3. Failing to hire a professional Brisbane junk removal company

If you haven’t already noticed, the simple way to avoid all junk removal mistakes to hire a junk removal company to take care of it for you. I’m still surprise to see just how many Brisbane residence fail to do so.

Before contacting a Brisbane Junk removal company, you need to check if the company is licensed and if they dispose waste legally. As per Australian laws, if the company you hire dumps you junk illegally, you’re also liable to be held legally responsible.

By contacting 4 Waste Walk-In Skip Bins, you can rest assured that you won’t face this problem. We are a licensed and reputed Brisbane Junk removal company and have been in operation since 1999. Moreover, we have access to several waste disposal facilities in Brisbane and we always dispose of all waste legally and in the most environmentally friendly manner.


Most Brisbane residents make costly mistakes when it comes to junk removal. The most common junk removal mistakes include burning of rubbish, illegal dumping of waste. One sure way to avoid these mistakes is to contact a Brisbane Junk removal company to take care of your junk removal for you.

4 Waste Walk-In Skip Bins is one such company. Simply call 0413 333 330 if you’re in need of assistance and we’ll be more than happy to provide a junk skip bin anywhere in Brisbane Southside.

*Please Note: Prices mentioned in this article may not be accurite at the time of publishing or viewing and will not be honoured. For current pricing, always refer to the prices quoted when ordering.


Green Waste Rules: No logs, stumps, palm Logs, whole trees, mulched trees, golden cane trunks, soil, or turf. Branches must be under 13cm in diameter. All green waste must stay under the top rail of the Skip Bin, with nothing poking up.

General Waste Rules: No rocks, bricks, tiles, concrete, pavers, hard wood, paint, chemicals, tyres, carpet,mattress, soil, dirt, sand or hard fill. All general waste must stay under the top rail of the skip bin, with nothing poking up.