Skip Bin Allowance

Weight Allowance

4 Waste’s skip bins carry a weight limit. Exceeding this limit will incur a $80 fee per additional 100kg.

Skip Bin SizeWeight AllowanceSkip Bin SizeWeight Allowance

Waste Allowance

Green Skip Bins

Waste Type
PermittedOnly 100% green waste is permitted. Fruit and vegetable scraps, branches, stumps, palm fronds, tree limbs, twigs and small branches, lawn clippings, and other garden waste. No logs to be larger than 150mm in diameter.
Not PermittedNo other waste is permitted.

Junk Skip Bins

Waste Type
PermittedElectronics, Household Appliances, White Goods, Furniture, Toys, Sports/Gym Equipment (Check Weight Allowance per Skip), Sinks, Baths, Mattresses (must be laid flat at bottom of bin) and barbecues (Gas Bottle Removed).
Mixed Waste Permitted (Combination of Green & General Waste)
Not PermittedAsbestos, Carpet, Carpet Underlay, Tires, Bulk Rubber, Rubber Matting, Gas Bottles, Glass/Mirrors, Fluorescent Tubes, Tins of Paint, Concrete, Tiles, Bricks, Soil, Mulch, Woodchips, or Bulk Paper (Junk-mail, Newspapers, Office Paper).

Please contact us on (07) 3343 3030 if there is anything you are unsure of.

Delivery Policy

4 Waste Removals will endeavour to deliver the selected product on the agreed delivery date. We will, whenever possible, contact you if your service will be delayed for any reason.
Delivery and collection times may vary from 6 am to 6 pm. To obtain delivery and collection times please contact the office on the morning of your expected service. Late delivery or collection does not entitle you to cancel any order or part order.
If a bin/bag is to be placed on a premise we will take all due care on delivery and collection but take no responsibility for any damage that may incur.

Please Note: 5-day hire of the skip bin entitles the customer to have the bin for 4 FULL DAYS. The bin will be collected on the 5th day. If a bin is delivered late in the afternoon, collection then may occur early on the 5th day. For example, if a bin is delivered at 2:30 PM Monday, then collected at 7:00AM Friday, this is still considered a 5-day hire.
Customers will be billed $20 per day if a longer hire period is required.

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