Skip Hire – Love or Loathe?

Skip Hire – Love or Loathe?
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There are many ways to go about disposing waste. You dispose of it in your weekly council bin collection, hire waste removal experts or even dispose waste on your own.

However, for disposing large amounts of waste created during a home renovation or a large garden clean-up, your options become limited. In such cases, many Brisbane residences invest in skip hire to make waste removal easier.

As the owner of 4 Waste Walk-In Skip Bins, who specialise in skip hire in Brisbane, I know for a fact that people either love or loathe skip hire services. Today, we’ll take a look at the reasons behind this to see which side of the fence you sit on.

Hopefully after reading this article, you’ll realise that skip hire offer more advantages than disadvantages and you’ll consider hiring one.

Reasons to love a skip hire service

Here, at 4 Waste Walk-In Skip Bins, our Brisbane customers love our skip hire services. One of the biggest reasons behind this is because skip hire makes waste disposal in Brisbane easy, hassle-free and convenient. When you hire a skip, all you have to do is collect your waste and load it into the bin once it arrives. We will then dispose of the waste for you. This saves you a lot of time and effort.

Moreover, skip hire is also a cost-effective way of disposing waste. You need not arrange for transportation and you need not drive your waste all the way to the nearest landfill. For a fraction of the cost, waste removal experts will remove your waste.

Another big reason to love a skip hire service is that it allows you to dispose waste in an environmentally friendly manner. When you dispose waste on your own, you probably dump it in landfill – or inevitably, it ends up there. This is incredibly harmful to the environment as waste in landfills decomposes to produce greenhouse gases. On the other hand, if you invest in skip hire, all of your recyclable waste items are sorted and sent to recycling depots rather than landfills.

Reasons to loathe a skip hire service

While skips hire in Brisbane offer many advantages, there are certain drawbacks associated with it. First of all, skip bins cannot be placed anywhere. Before you hire a skip bin and have it delivered to your location, you will need to check to see if you need a permit (this is usually required if you place the skip on the road or footpath). Also, if you leave your skip bin on the road, other people will happily put their trash into your skip.

Another disadvantage with skip bins is that you cannot put just anything into a skip and therefore you should look at the skip hire company’s policy before hiring. Here, at 4 Waste Walk-In Skip Bins, we offer garden skip bins and junk skip bins. We accept only 100% recyclable garden waste in our garden skip bins and general and mixed waste in our junk skip bins. We do not accept heavy waste materials such as timber, concrete, bricks, soil and tiles in any of our skip bins. If you have heavy waste material to dispose, a skip bin is not for you.

Finally, some people loathe skip bins because they find it too hard to estimate what size skip they need and almost always hire one too big or too small. However, this won’t be a problem if you choose to hire a 4 Waste Walk-In Skip Bin. We offer skip bins in two sizes variants – 2m³-6m³ and 2m³-8m³. You simply need to decide whether you want the larger skip or the smaller one, depending on the amount of waste you have and are then only billed for the fill level you reach.


There are several reasons to love or loathe skip hire in Brisbane. Skip bins make waste disposal convenient and cost-effective and allow you to dispose waste in an environmentally friendly manner. On the other hand, you’ll need to arrange for a permit before hiring a skip. Also, you cannot place anything you want into a skip bin.

However, the benefits offered by skip bins by far outweigh the disadvantages. No wonder so many of our customers choose skip hire services over other methods of waste disposal.

So, if you agree, then get in touch with us at 4 Waste Walk-In Skip Bins for skip hire in Brisbane.

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*Please Note: Prices mentioned in this article may not be accurite at the time of publishing or viewing and will not be honoured. For current pricing, always refer to the prices quoted when ordering.


Green Waste Rules: No logs, stumps, palm Logs, whole trees, mulched trees, golden cane trunks, soil, or turf. Branches must be under 13cm in diameter. All green waste must stay under the top rail of the Skip Bin, with nothing poking up.

General Waste Rules: No rocks, bricks, tiles, concrete, pavers, hard wood, paint, chemicals, tyres, carpet,mattress, soil, dirt, sand or hard fill. All general waste must stay under the top rail of the skip bin, with nothing poking up.